Meet our Indie Designers

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April May Jewelry

April Hall

Oakland, California

Two years ago I discovered jewelry making/ metalsmithing and fell absolutely in love! After two years of educating myself, and with some design experience from being a Hair Stylist for seven years in tow; I decided to create April May to share my true passion with the world! And to answer the obvious question...No, May is not my middle name (that would have been pretty cool though, huh?), but for me, it's a positive mantra that means 'I Can...'

Each piece is designed and crafted with love, I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I do creating them!


Kerry Ann Stokes

Kerry Stokes

Brooklyn, New York

It all started with an uncontrollable amount of fabric scraps saved from apparel projects over the years. I couldn’t bring myself to throw away these beautiful pieces of fabric—and so I saved them. Each scrap transformed into a one-of-a-kind flower, which then turned into flower crown after flower crown. I have since added beaded headpieces, embellished sashes, hair pins, clips, and all sorts of headbands to the line. 

I love finding the perfect vintage piece, going to see live music, art shows, traveling any reason to celebrate every day.  My pieces can be styled with jeans and a t-shirt, or with a wedding gown. They are meant to be worn!

Elisabeth Tran + Shaun Mueller

Champaign Paper

Columbus, Ohio

We chose the name 'Champaign Paper' because we like to think of our greeting cards as free, wide-open, and possessing limitless boundaries! Our greeting cards are our pride and joy and we love the idea that they bring smiles to those that they are sent to. 

We don't have a particular style that we live by, but we tend to enjoy whimsical and nature-inspired designs.  Each card is hand designed by us and developed by using pens, pencils, watercolor, paint, acrylic markers, etc. They are scanned and printed on earth-friendly paper that is 80# or thicker, we want it to feel as awesome as it looks! After printing, they are hand-cut and packaged with love and care!