The dress is completely handmade and hand-embroidered. The fabric is a semi stiff raw muslin that seemed to be a bag or was made for some commercial use. The only reason we assume that is because the inside sleeve has some stamp writing on it in Spanish, while no interior markings are visible on the outside(**last picture). We believe the interior markings make this piece even more special. 
The outside of the fabric is in near perfect condition with some small discolorations which we assume were the original markings of the organic nature of the fabric. The markings are small and most are unnoticeable
Once on, the dress is long and comfortable, with wear the fabric will soften up dramatically and drape well. The arms have two pull ties that tighten the bottom part of the sleeve at the elbow. This item seems as though it was never worn and for It's age and delicate nature it's in near perfect vintage condition.

Designer: Handmade

Color:  Ivory

Fabric:  Unbleached Cotton Muslin

Condition:  Excellent

Bust: 32''

Waist: free

Length: 57''

Fits:  Medium for best fit-  Can fit small -med

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