Package 3

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Bridal Marche_fall lookbook_2015 (86 of 486).jpg

Package 3


Ok, so maybe this is where shit gets really fucking real. Day of set-up. 

This package is for day of setup and design.  Basically any detail of the wedding that needs a hands On approach. We are here so you and your family can chill and relax before the actual ceremony & reception. No need to stress about who's going to put the lights up or if someone can place the jars of jam on the tables. Your bestie and her team are here to makes sure all the small details are taken care of.

Again, your Bridal Bestie is not a wedding coordinator, she is your Bestie who happens to know how to do wedding shit without all the added bullshit. So please read carefully what their role is for the day.

What's included:

- Advance visit to both ceremony and reception venues with client

- Ceremony setup: Chuppah/Wedding Arch setup, Guest seating area 

- Reception setup: Table setup, photo booth setup, room decor...

**Breakdown of Chuppa/Wedding Arch and any other decor ** additional costs

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