Package 2

Bridal Marche_fall lookbook_2015 (227 of 486).jpg
Bridal Marche_fall lookbook_2015 (227 of 486).jpg

Package 2


This is where shit gets a little more real. In this package your Bridal Bestie will help you with more hands on design touches for your wedding. From design aesthetics to DIY help, we're here to make sure you don't fuck things up so that your wedding comes out totally awesome. 

What's included:

- Unlimited emails

- 3 Phone calls/ Video chats- up to one hour each

- 2 in person meetings to discuss wedding details

- 3 visits to any Appointment of your choosing; From hair trials to picking out crap from Michaels 

- Discussion of theme, colors, style and complete wedding design

- Advice on where to find the perfect dress in your size and budget, answers to "Do I really need wedding colors?", and how you can save money with general DIY projects and going a different route with certain vendors. 

- Referrals to alternative and indie photographers and wedding professionals who specialize in LGBTQ weddings.

- Hands on DIY help from stuffing envelopes to making paper garlands... *limited to 2 days

*** Non Local (Oakland/SF) Please contact for price and package adjustment

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