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Bridal Marche_fall lookbook_2015 (23 of 486).jpg

Package 1


Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and sometimes that talking means; crying, freaking out and general venting. 

In this package your Bridal Bestie will be that one go-to person for when you need to vent and gain insight. Your bestie will help you with general wedding Inquiries; From finding the right places to shop to giving you real wedding advice you won't get from anyone else, including family and friends. Because, let's be real, friends and family can sometimes be a pain in the ass.  It's your wedding and we want you to calm the fuck down and have fun with it. 

What's included:

- Unlimited emails from the time of engagement to the wedding day.

- 3 phone calls- up to 1 hour each. Crying & venting included.

- Advice on where to find the perfect dress in your size and budget, answers to "Do I really need wedding colors?", and how & where you can save money with general DIY projects and with certain vendors. 

- Referrals to alternative and indie photographers and wedding professionals who specialize in LGBTQ weddings.

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