Combo Package

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Bridal Marche_fall lookbook_2015 (251 of 486).jpg

Combo Package


The sweetest deal; a combination of all three packages. WHATTTT! Your Bestie will be there with you every step of the way, Helping with ideas, DIY projects and day of setup. 

What's included:

- Unlimited emails

- Unlimited phone calls- crying and bitching included 

- 2 in person meetings

- 3 Visits to any appointment of your choosing. From hair trials to picking out crap from michaels 

- Discussion of theme, colors, style and complete wedding design

- Referrals to alternative and indie photographers and wedding professionals who specialize in LGBTQ weddings

- Hands On DIY Help from stuffing envelopes to making paper garlands... *Limited To 2 Days

- Advice on where to find the perfect dress in your size and budget, answers to "Do I really need wedding colors?" And how you can save money with general DIY projects and certain vendors. 

- Complete day of setup of display *Breakdown additional


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